Volunteers at Edgewood are essential to the success of our teachers, staff and students. Edgewood parent volunteers help in so many ways: in a classroom, with small groups of students, in the office and during each of the many community-building and fundraising events at the school. Without our volunteers, Movie Night, Fun Run, Fun Night, Dance night and many classroom activities would simply not happen.

Please consider donating your time and skills to Edgewood! It is a rewarding experience that you know will make the difference in the lives of our students.

Volunteer Application: To participate in volunteer opportunities at the school, 4J requires completion of an online application form.  English Spanish

Background checks: For the safety of our students, all 4J volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check before they are placed near students. Read guidelines…

Sign-in: All 4J volunteers are required to sign in at the start of a volunteer shift. This lets the office staff know you are in the building and where they can find you if they need you. This also makes sure you are covered by the district’s liability insurance in case of an accident. 4J also collects volunteer statistics and uses them in applying for grants that help schools. Upon signing in, volunteers pick up a district name tag to wear so staff and students will recognize you as a safe volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Fun Night – Our fantastic school carnival!
  • Community-Building Events – This includes our Fun Run, Harvest Lunch, Movie Night, a dance, an end-of-school field day, and more!
  • Edgewood Village – The Village supports the most vulnerable members of our community with a food and clothing pantry.
  • The Green Team – Develops and promotes schoolwide projects to reduce, reuse, and recycle—and teaches our kids in the process!
  • School Garden – This includes maintenance, education with children, coordination with teachers, and more!
  • Fundraising – This includes our dine-and-donate and Reading Marathon
  • Playground Improvement Committee – Tree planting, mural painting, structure building, etc.
  • Other – You can specify something else you’d like to do