Welcome back 5th graders!

forest-528Edgewood’s 5th graders are back from Outdoor School and they have so many stories to tell! The younger students are already anticipating their turn at Outdoor School. It is an Edgewood tradition!

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Women’s Basketball Sundays at Matthew Knight Arena

basketball-528Kids age 12 and under can watch the next four Sunday women’s basketball games for free! The games are: Oregon vs. UTSA Nov. 20 at 2 p.m.; Oregon vs. San Jose State Nov. 25 at 5 p.m.; and Oregon vs. Vanguard Dec. 4 at 2 p.m.

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Kinders welcome to join Lion pilot program


lg15_getimgvlt1The Oregon Trail Council recently approved the Lion pilot program to allow kindergarteners to join Cub Scouts and has permitted the South Eugene Pack 20 to assemble a Lion Den. The group meets at the YMCA and the Pack includes boys from Edgewood, Edison, Charlemagne and Camas Ridge. Interested? Contact Eric DeFreest, Cubmaster Pack 20, at 541-554-7330.
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Winter Wreath Making Class Thursday, Dec. 1!

Join New School on Thursday, Dec. 1st from 6 to 7 p.m. for an evening of making a winter wreath for your home or to give as a gift! Cost is $20 each and all materials are provided. Use ribbon, branches, pinecones, silk flowers and more to create a pretty art piece. If you have something special at home that you want to include in your wreath, bring it with you.

Ages 8 and up are welcome to register for this class. Children under 13 must have a parent or guardian helping them in class. We will be using hot glue guns. Class is at New School Art Studio at 207 E. 5th St., suite 120, across the street from the 5th Street Public Market. Information: 541 968-1986.

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School photos


Photos have been delivered and we hope you’ve had a chance to review the photos. If you haven’t received them yet, they are coming home soon!


Please note:


1). There’s still time to place an order. Extra order forms are in the school office, or feel free to contact Northwest Exposures.


2). We also welcome reprint requests, if you find you didn’t order enough prints for family and friends, or you’d like larger sized prints, or even frames.


3). Families who ordered digital files have received an invitation from DropBox, the file transfer site, to ‘share’ the folder with their children’s photos. We ask that the files be downloaded to a safe place, then deleted, as we will be removing the folder.


4). We’re offering a special ($95, regularly $195) on FAMILY PORTRAITS during the month of November. Contact us to set up your session.


Northwest Exposures Photography




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Happy Halloween! Today Edgewood was led by a Unicorn!


Because Edgewood met its fundraising goal for the Fun Run, the students got the opportunity to select Principal Larry’s Halloween Costume. The students chose…..a unicorn! Click the photos below for details!

img_7776 img_7785
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The Edgewood PTA shouts its support of Measure 97!


yo97_1The Register-Guard published the Edgewood PTA’s letter in support of Measure 97 on Saturday. Interested to see what it said?


Measure 97: A solution for our schools

As parents and school PTA leaders, we know that Measure 97 is the right choice for Oregon’s schools.

The Edgewood Elementary PTA – and parents across the state – have endorsed Measure 97 – the ballot measure that will move Oregon from dead-last in corporate taxes just by making sure that c-corporations that do over $25 million in state sales pay their fair share.  Measure 97 will generate an estimated $3 billion annually that can be used to hire thousands of teachers, add two weeks to the school year and restore 500 career and technical education programs.

And here’s something no one is talking about: shorter school days and a shorter school year mean hidden costs to parents and caregivers who have to leave work early or pay for after school or extended summer care.

We can’t allow big corporations like Comcast and Wells Fargo to have record profits while Oregon’s children are put at a fundamental disadvantage. Comcast doesn’t care if our classrooms are overcrowded. Wells Fargo doesn’t care that our schools only have a nurse once a week. Monsanto doesn’t care if 1 in 4 Oregonians won’t finish high school in 4 years, or if they finish at all. Bank of America doesn’t care if our kids are cheated out of an entire year of school. And they never will.

But we—as parents, educators, small business owners, and concerned citizens—know the value of an educated populace and workforce. We hope you’ll join us in voting Yes on Measure 97.

Beth Casper, Edgewood PTA President
Billy Dahmen, Edgewood PTA Vice-President
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Fun run – we did it!


Our Fun Run was such a HUGE success!

We reached our goal and raised $20,001.89 for our school. This helps support programs at Edgewood and our teachers in so many ways.

The kids have voted on Larry’s costume. Principal Larry will be dressed as a…


Thank you so much for supporting Edgewood students in the fun run! Whether it was to cheer them on or to help them collect their pledges. This is one of our favorite events at school and it helps to have so many of you involved.

We want to send out a special thank you to all who have volunteered to make this event happen. Thank you to the entire Fun Run committee led by Anna Galas, who helped organize the whole event and to Gayle Sawyer who coordinated all of the volunteers. Thank you to Susan Carey and all who helped spend the last few weeks counting the pledges that were turned in. Thank you also to Keri Bretschneider who is helping organize the lunch with Larry prizes, and to Nicole Craig who is organizing the extra recess parties.

Everyone’s hard work and time commitment is so appreciated!

Finally, we would like to thank the U of O Rec center who have donated a complementary pass for one family admission for every Edgewood student! This is a great opportunity for your family to enjoy fun fitness activities together! These passes were secured with the help from Chelsie Donahue.

Thank you so much!

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Third graders met Ellis Paul!


Last Thursday, Edgewood third graders heard singer/songwriter Ellis Paul, who recorded “The Hero In You” to educate children about America’s important influencers. He sang about Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Woody Guthrie, Rachel Carson, and Jackie Robinson. For more information, visit www.ellispaulkids.com. Click photos below to expand.


img_2445 img_3529

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PTA Members vote to endorse Measure 97 and fund playground blocks

At the PTA meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, members voted to endorse Measure 97, which increases the corporate minimum tax for the largest corporations doing business in Oregon with more than $25 million in Oregon sales. This measure will support our schools and send much-needed funding to our school district. Contact PTAEdgewood@gmail.com for more information or a lawn sign!

PTA members also voted to fund a set of Imagination Playground blocks to be used by the primary grades at recess. Older students will use these blocks during Big/Little Buddy time. The blocks will give our youngest students a resource for using their imagination, learning about cooperative play and experimenting with design. We are so excited to bring these learning/playing tools to Edgewood!

Our PTA minutes will be posted on our Web site in the next few weeks for anyone interested in the content of the entire meeting. Thank you!
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