Oct. 5, 2015 News Blast

Super amazing Fun Run!

Thousands of laps and hundreds of miles were run by Edgewood students on Friday during the annual Fun Run. It was a wonderful event that inspired students to be active and showed how much fun running can be! It also likely raised tens of thousands of dollars for the school. We’ll let you know when the final financial tally is complete. We’ll also let you know when photos are available for viewing.

PTA leaders to meet Superintendent Tuesday

New 4J Superintendent Gustavo Balderas is meeting with PTA leaders to discuss our collective needs on Tuesday, Oct. 6, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at South Eugene High School. It is the first of four district-wide parent leaders meetings. Edgewood’s PTA will be represented by two members at this important meeting, and we will bring to you any pertinent information about district support of parent groups.

Curriculum Night is Thursday, Oct. 8th

Edgewood’s Curriculum Night offers parents an opportunity to learn from their child’s teacher the material being taught throughout the year. After spending time in the child’s classroom, parents are invited to the gym for a short assembly to meet the principal, PTA leaders, gym teacher and other staff members. Grades K-2 parents meet in their students’ classroom from 6 to 6:25 p.m. Everyone meets in the gym from 6:30 to 6:45 p.m. And Grades 3-5 parents meet in in their students’ classroom from 6:50 to 7:15 p.m.

No school Friday

Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday!

Come watch a movie at Edgewood!

Save the date:  Edgewood Movie Night is Friday, Oct. 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. This is a family event and we request no drop-offs please. Admission is free but we will be collecting food for the Edgewood Village food pantry. Popcorn and concessions sales with benefit 5th grade Outdoor School. Stay tuned for the two movie selections!  Look for flyers posted this week.

In need

The PTA is still in need of some key coordinators for events this school year. Remember, it’s only with volunteers that these events can happen! Coordinators are needed for: Green Team and the End-of-school Field Day. E-mail Beth Casper at vicepresident.PTAEdgewood@gmail.com to learn more about the position and how you can help!

Thank you so much to the new volunteers who have stepped into roles that make these events run smoothly. Amelia Riesling is our dine-and-donate coordinator, Genna Osborne is our PTA branding and design coordinator, Brian Alijan is our Website coordinator, Michelle Stecher is our entertainment coordinator, Ali Megan is our Direct Donation Drive coordinator  and the PTA photographer, Rob Drummond is our volunteer coordinator, Christy McCaslin is our teacher appreciation week coordinator, and Sarah Stanley is our garden coordinator while Robin Detmer is on maternity leave!

Gayle Sawyer will continue to organize Fun Night, Jennifer Ludwig and Meridith Turnbull coordinate the Edgewood Village, Ron Meiners updates Facebook and puts out our monthly newsletter, Heather Stillinger organizes the details of our Harvest Lunch, and Bree Bouse and Susan Carey get kids fired up about reading through Oregon Battle of the Books!

If you know these folks, please thank them for taking time from their busy schedules to help our already tight-knit community be stronger and offer more to our kids!


Extra special thanks to Fun Run coordinators Anna Galas and Chelsie Donahue for their extraordinary work putting on the Fun Run! Their vision and energy made it a truly remarkable event.

Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who helped with set-up, marked laps for runners, aided with injuries, helped runners hydrate, loaned tables, took photos, handed out popsicles and generally made the Fun Run run smoothly! Facilities supervisor Bert Herbert was instrumental in helping with set-up – thank you Bert!

A shout-out to Dave Villalobos for his generosity, energy and time providing a much-needed beat in great music at the Fun Run. His Pedal Power set-up provides a perfect sound system powered by the energy of bikers.

Also, thank you to Lane United Football Club for loaning us water jugs, and South Eugene High School for loaning us water jugs and the first-aid kit!

Thank you to Sky Schual and Taj Barnhart for help at the end of the BBQ Freecycle event. Apologies for missing you last week!

Thank you to Beth Zamberlan for picking up, washing and sorting an extra load of Freecycle clothes donated late!

Have a great week,

John Stapleton, PTA president, presidentPTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Beth Casper, PTA vice-president, vicepresident.PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
David NT, PTA Secretary, infinitepublic@yahoo.com
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer, gonthajones@hotmail.com