Oct. 26, 2015 News Blast

Parent-teacher conferences

Don’t forget: Parent-teacher conferences mean there is no school Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday and Friday. Students are released at 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fun Run update

Thanks to all the families who brought in their Fun Run pledges recently. Our final fundraising tally is $19,601.31—about $2,300 more than last year! And 262 students returned pledge envelopes! Amazing! Plus all of the students gave such a tough effort to running around the track for an hour. To thank the students and the parents, a complimentary family pass for admission to the University of Oregon Recreation Center has been sent home with your student. A special thanks to UO’s Rec Center for providing this fabulous opportunity to all our families.

Baby costume for Larry…what?!?!

The students voted to have Principal Larry dress as a baby for Halloween! He will be in full Halloween splendor on Wednesday, Oct. 28. Thank you to Principal Larry for encouraging the students in their Fun Run, helping to come up with possible costumes, and being such a great sport about dressing as whatever the students wanted!

Bike+Walk+Bus Day update

Oh my! A total of 165 students walked, biked or bused (and remembered their ticket) to school last Thursday. Each kid who participated received a ribbon, sticker or tattoo to recognize his/her effort, and some students received bigger prizes at random. Third-grader Alexander Antigha won a scooter, second-grader Dyani Doughman and fifth-grader Sophia Swartout won helmets, and first-grader Joren Lindberg and fifth-grader Bella Donahue won metal water bottles. Another Bike+Walk+Bus event is coming in May so keep active and prepare to participate again!

Growing, growing the School Garden

School Garden coordinator Sarah Stanley has prepared the garden beds for students to use and classes have been out there planting hardy vegetables, such as garlic. With the help of PTA funds, the School Garden Project has partnered with Edgewood Elementary this year. In addition to working with the entire second grade for on a garden curriculum, the School Garden Project offers a lending library of tools and books to our teacher, seeds and plant starts for our beds, gardening materials, supplies and curriculum for other grades. Thank you School Garden Project!

Tell us what you think!

The Edgewood PTA would love to know what you envision when thinking of the future of Edgewood Community Elementary School. Please take one minute to complete a very short survey:


Harvest Lunch help!

Edgewood’s annual Harvest Lunch—a tradition in which families can join their students in the cafeteria for a Thanksgiving meal—is Thursday, Nov. 19th. It is such a fun, special time for families to spend with their students, and the atmosphere is beautiful—tablecloths, centerpieces and a traditional meal all set the tone for the meal. Would you like to help serve food, organize or otherwise help with this event? Contact coordinator Heather Stillinger at hstillinger@gmail.com.


There is one person who should be in this section every.single.week and we want her to know how very much we appreciate all she does for the PTA, the families and our students. Secretary Tanya Bunson does far too many things to list them all, but here is a tiny sample: walking through how to coordinate events with new volunteers, getting the word out to families about important events through flyers, e-mails and the readerboard, helping to coordinate the logistics of events, such as Fun Run, and reminding our officers and coordinators of essential dates! She does all of this with patience and kindness! Thank you Tanya!

Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up as PTA liaisons or Classroom Coordinators for your teachers! You are making it easier for the teachers and enriching the lives of the students in your class. Please let us know if you need resources to help you do your job!
Have a great week,

John Stapleton, PTA president, presidentPTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Beth Casper, PTA vice-president, vicepresident.PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
David NT, PTA Secretary, infinitepublic@yahoo.com
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer, gonthajones@hotmail.com