May 3, 2016 News Blast

Be sure to tell your teacher how much he or she is appreciated!

Last week, you should have received a flyer explaining our plan for Teacher Appreciation Week. There are more flyers in the office if you can’t find yours.

On Monday, students should bring in the bottom half of the flyer (explaining why they love their teacher). If you forgot, just bring it this week! It’s never too late to explain why your teacher is appreciated!
On Tuesday, please bring a flower for your teacher.
On Wednesday, there is a PTA-sponsored lunch for all the teachers and staff!
On Thursday, please bring your teacher a treat or handmade picture!

Thank you for helping to make Teacher Appreciation Week really special for our dedicated, hard-working teachers!

Missed the Silent Auction because you played too many carnival games? No worries!

There are still some Silent Auction items that you can purchase because you were having too much fun at the Cake Walk, Freecycle and Carnival games! Check out the items below and e-mail Robin Detmer at to secure your item!

1. One month membership at Oakway Fitness ($70 value). Offered at $25.
2. One month membership at Oakway Fitness ($70 value). Offered at $25.
3. One month LTD adult bus pass ($50 value). Offered at $15.
4. Scattante Scala MTB Helmet ($49 value). Offered at $25.
5. 1 hour of Tutti the Clown’s services for kid’s party ($90 value). Offered at $40.
6. 4 OBOB book sponsors still available to pay for the library copies ($20 each)
7.  May 2016 Edgewood premium parking spot (You could be parking there RIGHT NOW!) ($15)
8. Miss Jessie’s gorgeous class art project “Owls on a Branch”  ($30)
9. Body of Light Chiropractic Initial Visit ($150 value) Offered at $25.
10. Eugene Electric Bicycles  2x 2hrs rental for adults 16+   ($50 value). Offered at $25.
11. RMA Martial Arts on Willamette – 1 month kung fu plus full uniform ($169 value with the uniform… classes are about $99 per month for twice a week training). Offered for $85
12. Glenwood Restaurant 2 dinner entrees ($30 value). Offered at $15.
13. Tamarack Pool: One swim lesson ($68 value). Offered at $30.
14. Papa’s Pizza-2 pizzas ($30 value). Offered at $15.

No school Friday…so take your student for waffles!

Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday, BUT there is a Dine-and-Donate event at Off the Waffle from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fundraising event is at both locations: 840 Willamette St. and 2540 Willamette St. Ten percent of the food sales will be donated to Edgewood. Bring your flyer or mention Edgewood when ordering!

Orientation for Incoming Kinders on Wednesday, May 18 at 5:30. Kindergarten Enrollment Packets for 2016-2017 are ready!

If you have a Kinder starting next year, you can already pick up an enrollment packet up at the office. We will also have a Kindergarten Orientation on Wednesday, May 18 at 5:30. This is an opportunity for parents and incoming Kinders and parents to hear about the KG program, meet the teachers and ask questions. Spread the word to other future Edgewood families you know!

Help Edgewood win these imaginative blocks for young students and their big buddies!

The Imagination Playground block set helps kids learn through play! The Big Blue Blocks inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities while encouraging child-directed free play-they stack, connect and channel. Principal Larry and Edgewood teachers love the idea of using these blocks to encourage free play and learning between older and younger students.

We can all vote once per day between now and May 18, and the winner is the one with the most votes! Share with your Facebook friends, tweet out the news and spread the word! Please log on to the site and vote as often as you can. Edgewood kids could use these blocks!

Enter “Edgewood Community Elementary School” when you vote (the exact name is important)!

We are looking for a team to run Fun Run!

Next year’s Fun Run comes around right at the start of the school year. We need a few people to help Anna Galas with some of the details. Ask a few of your friends and work together! It is a fun event that every student in the school looks forward to. Help us make it a great year. Email if you are interested. 

Important PTA events coming up!

At the next meeting, the PTA will have officer elections. Please consider coming to run for an officer position or vote!

We’ll also be having a budget meeting to determine where all of our fundraising dollars will go next year. We’ll notify you of the time and place soon.

“I Never Thought About It That Way!”

Paul Bodin, a philosophy professor at the University of Oregon, is putting together a forum to be held at the 4J District Education Center, 200 N. Monroe, on May 20th and 21st. The event is free…lunch is even provided…and is intended for students, parents, teachers, and administrators, K-12. The event will feature a keynote speaker, Peter Worley, Co-founder of The Philosophy Foundation and leading author of philosophical inquiry curriculum. Peter is coming from London, England, and will speak on Friday night. There will also be 3rd-5th grade philosophical discussions on Saturday. Register for this free event by logging on to: c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link

Generosity Feeds Edgewood!

On Saturday, May 14, 300 volunteers will be producing and packaging 10,000 ready-to-distribute servings of beans and rice through Generosity Feeds, a nonprofit that mobilizes people to package food and feed children who are hungry outside of school hours. Edgewood Village will receive 1,000 servings of rice and beans for our food pantry.

Want to help package? The event is Saturday, May 14, at 10 a.m. to noon at Bertha Holt Elementary. It is a family event and children as young as 3 can participate! You must register at and the event will fill up quickly.


Fun Night was a SMASHING success, and it wouldn’t have been without the leadership of Gayle Sawyer and Robin Detmer and Meridith Turnbull (with the help of their families!) who worked tirelessly for months to wrap up all of the details. If you attended, you could see how many different pieces needed to come together for one fabulous evening.

It really takes many, many people to make this event successful and to ensure that the people who are helping aren’t getting too burned out. This year, so many people stepped up to make a difference. If you see these folks, please thank them…And ask how you can help next year!

A HUGE thank you to: 

Edgewood staff members Bert Herbert, Cheryl Stuebing, Tanya Bunson and Principal Larry Williams and Edgewood parents Dave Villalobos and Pedal Power, Cheryl Reinhardt and Sweet Life Patisserie, Adam and Great Balls of Fire, Rob and Katie Drummond, Katy Waters and Tutti the Clown, Janty Sumimoto, Tina Ralston, Michelle Stecher, Terri Harding, Stephanie Dignan, Nancy Twyman, Susan White, Catherine Camp, Anna Spickerman, Susan Carey, Amelia Reising, Meridith Turnbull, Paul and Kari Pierson, Brian Aljian, David NT, Nadine Zollner, Jodi Donahue, Julia McMorran, Paula Pinto, Dharma Wease, Holly Nicholls, Beth Casper, Erin Carlin, Bree Bouse, Amanda Addison, Mari Cary, Kristen Liberty, Meridith Kidder, Melissa Vaughn, Stephanie Reese, Kia Nishida, Casey Wilson and Stacey Zeigler and to all the other families that put in their time and resources to make this such a special event for our kids!

Thank you also to all of the families who supported the Silent Auction-your bids went directly to helping Edgewood Elementary!

Thank you to Jill Mina for organizing the electronic waste recycling event so that our families have a place to safely dispose of waste that often contains heavy metals. Thank you to NextStepfor being a responsible recycler for us!

Have a great week,

John Stapleton, PTA president,
Beth Casper, PTA vice-president,
David NT, PTA Secretary,
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer,