May 1, 2017 News Blast

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!
Last week, information about Teacher Appreciation Week came home with your student. Each day is a different activity for your teacher: Tuesday bring a flower; Wednesday teachers enjoy a PTA-sponsored lunch; Thursday bring a treat; and Friday bring a hand-made poem, picture or card. Thank you for participating and showing our teachers how important they are!
Friday IS a school day!
Originally, Friday, May 5 was a professional development day, but due to our snow days it was reinstated as a school day. See you at Edgewood on Friday!
Ellis Paul at Edgewood this Friday!
Edgewood students are being treated to singer/songwriter Ellis Paul on Friday, May 5 from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. Paul is a critically acclaimed musician and poet who combines history, music and learning. Students will learn about Rachel Carson, Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison and other historical heroes in a fun, engaging way! Visit  to see videos and link to his Website.
T-shirts / Sweatshirts are coming home today!
Our first shirt order came in on Friday and was distributed at the end of the day to teachers. If you placed a shirt order, your child should be bringing them home today. We are accepting a final round of shirt orders through the end of this week. If we receive enough interest, this final order will be placed next week.
5th grade end of the year photos this Thursday!
Judi Lamb from Northwest Exposures will be coming on Thursday, May 4 to photograph our 5th graders for their end of the year photos. More information on how to order them will be coming home. These photos are used for the end of the year promotion certificates and can be ordered as well.
Save your old electronics and recycle them May 15th -19th at Edgewood!
Edgewood is again part of the electronic waste recycling competition among schools. Bring old computers, cell phones, monitors, cables, laptops, keyboards, mice, hair dryers, blenders, monitors, coffee makers, toasters and anything else that plugs in or runs on batteries. Light bulbs and regular batteries are not part of this collection but rechargeable batteries are welcome. The bin will be in the hallway between the cafeteria and gym from May 15-19th.

You can also bring your donations directly to NextStep, 2101 W. 10th Ave., during the entire month of May. Mention Edgewood and the donation will be added to the total collected pounds.

Edgewood has the chance to win a robot made with recycled materials by a local artist and a gift certificate to NextStep! Thank you for contributing to our recycling efforts!
Donate to the Edgewood Garden!
Edgewood Community Elementary School garden is looking for a few tools for summer maintenance. We need:
* a gas powered weed eater
* a gas powered lawn mower
If anyone is thinking of upgrading this summer, please consider us. These would need to be in good working order as we are staffed with volunteers. Thank you!
PTA Budget meeting May 9th
The Edgewood PTA’s budget meeting is next Tuesday, May 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Edgewood library. If you only make it to one meeting this year, make it this one! This is the one where we decide where and how our money is spent. Questions? Email
Speak out against education budget cuts!
The state’s Ways and Means Committee Co-Chairs put out a revised list of cuts two weeks ago.

 Included are $600 million less for education. The Edgewood PTA urges you to call and e-mail your state representative and state senator. When you call, you could say:
1) The revised cuts are unacceptable. They would devastate Oregonians at every age in every corner of the state.
2) There is another way to balance the budget: raise revenue. The Edgewood PTA supports raising corporate taxes to increase revenue.
3) Share a personal story of why this is so important to you.

Thank you to Richard Sweet for the wheelbarrow for Edgewood’s garden. Your gift really lightens our load!

Thank you to Tammy Litt for bringing musician Ellis Paul to Edgewood for so many students to enjoy!
We’ll see you in the breezeways,
Beth Casper, PTA president,
Billy Dahmen, PTA vice-president,
Amelia Reising, PTA Secretary,
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer,