Happy New Year!
Welcome back to school! We hope everyone had a lovely break and you arrived safely at school today. We hope you are ready to help make the rest of the Edgewood school year a huge success. We will keep you updated on all of our needs for the remainder of the year. Consider making it a resolution to participate in at least one activity this year. We can use volunteers with all of our projects — our next one is the Reading Olympics!
Oregon Battle of the Books nears
Wow! We have 75 Edgewood students – on 17 teams – participating in OBOB this year! Our next OBOB meeting is January 11th from 1:45-2:45pm in the library. All interested students should now be on a team. At this meeting, we will mock battle all books and prepare for February’s Battle Week!
On Wednesday mornings, get more OBOB battle practice! Join us in the Edgewood library for mock OBOB battles from 8:10-8:25am every Wednesday until Battle Week. Drop in on your way to class.
After School Homework Club Coordinator Needed!
There is interest among the staff in starting an after-school homework club.  If you are interested in taking the role of parent-in-charge of this project, please let Tanya (bunson_t@4j.lane.edu) or Sally Krueger (krueger@4j.lane.edu) know .
LOST and FOUND Lead Volunteer Needed!
Our lost and found is always ridiculously full. We are hoping to find one or two parent volunteers who would be willing to periodically choose non-rainy days throughout the year to spread the lost and found items out more visibly along the Breezeway fence at drop off.
After-school Spanish class starts Jan. 17
Kindergarteners to 5th graders are invited to learn Spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. in Room C1.
1st Session: January 17 to February 16
2nd Session: February 21 to March 23rd
The cost is $100 for 5 weeks (10 classes)
Contact: Paula Pinto (541) 513 3179  paulapazpinto@gmail.com
After-school 8-week singing class
For any student who loves singing and wants to express their creativity through music, a new singing class is being offered on Mondays in room A1 from 2:45PM to 4:15PM. Students will get to choose their own music and at the end of each session put on a small performance! There will be two sessions offered:
Session 1: January 16 – March 6
Session 2: March 13 – May 1
The cost will be two monthly payments of $60 for each session (scholarships are available). To enroll, contact Anna Herbst at (760) 258 7700 or email anna.c.herbst@gmail.com.
8-Week Art exploration class
The art exploration class is offered to 1st-5th grade students interested in discovering their unique artistic voice, exploring foundations in a wide range of styles and approaches, and creating fun and meaningful masterpieces. Classes will be held on Thursdays from 2:45 to 4:15pm in classroom E2.

Date: January 12th – March 2nd
Cost: Two monthly payments of $80, all materials are included. Scholarships available.

To enroll or inquire more information, contact Dana Wilcher at (760) 937 3555 or email danawilcher06@yahoo.com.

OSU Extension Saturday classes
OSU Extension is having a free winter workshop series for youth aged 9 – 18. This will take place bi-monthly on Saturdays from Jan. – March. The workshops will cover topics including baking, gardening, food preservation, and fine arts, utilizing different professionals from throughout our county. It’s completely free, and youth do not need to be 4-H members to participate, but each workshop is capped at 20 youth.

OSU Extension will also have a Jr. Master Naturalist program, in which experts teach youth ages 9 – 14 about natural resources through science experiments, and fieldtrips to a variety of local public lands. This was previously only opened to homeschool youth, but we are expanding it to youth from all educational backgrounds. This program costs $20 for the year and includes a 4-H membership, but we offer full scholarships for all youth in need.
Contact Emily McDonald Williams at (541) 344-5043 ext. 3, or via emily.mcdonald-williams@oregonstate.edu.
No school days at Nearby Nature
Nearby Nature offers day programs this winter during no-school days. They are:
Creepy Crawlers: January 16
Turn over logs, search under leaves, discover who is scurrying, wiggling, and crawling on the forest floor.
Make a model insect, play bug bingo and learn what it takes to survive as a creepy crawler.
Nature’s Busy Builders: February 3
Make a bird nest and a fairy fort or gnome home in the forest. Go on an animal homes scavenger hunt and create your own fort from our nature’s builders super blocks!
Birding Blitz! February 20
Discover who’s zipping, zooming, and looming in the park. Practice beak techniques and check out our talon collection. Go on a bird watching walk and make tasty bird seed treat.
All programs: Ages 6-9, 8:30 am to 3 pm, Rain or shine! Alton Baker Park, $40/members, $45/non-members. Register at (541) 687-9699 ext. 2 or http://www.nearbynature.org/registration-scholarship-forms/no-school-day.
Coyote Kids
New Semester of Coyote Kids! Enrichment Program Begins Soon!
Your child will explore skills in bushcraft, naturalist skills, nature hikes and cooperative awareness games-children work together in small groups gaining knowledge of plants, mammals, tracking, birds, and survival, as well as increasing their overall nature awareness. All of this right at your school and nearby green spaces!
Spring 2017 Coyote Kids! begins the second week of February
Grade: 1st-5th grades.
When: Once a week every Thursday at your school.
Time: As soon as school lets out for the following two hours!
For more info and to Register: http://CoyoteKids.net
Cost: Four monthly payments of $69.25. Scholarships are available!
Thank you so much to Meridith Turnbull for coordinating the supplies for all of the Edgewood Village Winter Break Boxes. Thank you to the many, many families who donated food to the boxes, volunteered to pack the boxes, and delivered the boxes to families. We are so grateful for everyone’s help!

We’ll see you in the breezeways,
Beth Casper, PTA president, PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Billy Dahmen, PTA vice-president, vicepresident.PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Amelia Reising, PTA Secretary, infinitepublic@yahoo.com
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer, gonthajones@hotmail.com