Help pack snack packs for the Edgewood Village!
The Edgewood Village is currently serving 19 children and their siblings every weekend. We have complete snack packs to last through the end of April.
On Friday, February 10, Gayle Sawyer will host a snack pack stuffing party at drop-off (8:35 AM) in the cafeteria. Those interested can email gayle.lb.sawyer@gmail.com to participate.
Reading Olympics is coming!
Students and teachers are gearing up for the upcoming Reading Olympics! It will be a celebration of reading where students will be able to work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate of achievement award. The goal is to raise $10,000 to support our school’s special programs, such as Artist-in-Residence, field trips, outdoor school and more. Students will be bringing home materials at the end of this month. To volunteer, email PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Library Volunteers Needed
We need a few volunteers to help re-shelve books in the library each week. This could be done in the morning at drop off or at the end of the day before pick up. Please let Tanya in the office know (541-790-8700; bunson_t@4j.lane.edu) if you are available to help re-shelve books and which morning(s) or afternoon(s) work best for you.
Sign up for Edgewood Fun Night roles!
Everyone is welcome to help out at our signature community event, Fun Night. It is April 21st this year. It takes many volunteers to pull off this amazing night. Sign up for Edgewood Fun Night 2017 at http://signup.com/go/mnhCcK
Please welcome our new Music Teacher, Katrina Allen!
We have a change in music teachers for the second half of the year. Mrs. Z is off to McCornack for the second half of the year and Ms. Allen will be here at Edgewood. Welcome!
Parents, be a voice for your students and for our schools!
Stand for Children is offering an opportunity for parents to come to Salem, meet your state legislators and share your thoughts on school funding and raising our high school graduation rate. Training is provided.
It is Monday, Feb 20th (it’s a no-school day, you can bring students), from 9a.m. to 3p.m. at the State Capitol. For more information, contact Joy Marshall, Stand for Children, jmarshall@stand.org or 541-912-2921.
New Website address
Please note that the Edgewood PTA has a new Website address-easier to remember! It is http://edgewoodpta.com.
Thank you to everyone who donated snacks at Movie Night! The donations will allow us to continue to deliver to weekend snack packs to students through April 28. We appreciate your generosity!
We’ll see you in the breezeways,
Beth Casper, PTA president, PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Billy Dahmen, PTA vice-president, vicepresident.PTAEdgewood@gmail.com
Amelia Reising, PTA Secretary, infinitepublic@yahoo.com
Meridith Turnbull, PTA Treasurer, gonthajones@hotmail.com